Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend 1

This past weekend gave CitiBoi the opportunity to go out on a social level with one of the lovely ladies in our secret competition for his heart. Having been friends with BrokenBetty for quite some time now, CitiBoi went out with a group of friends, including her, on Friday night.
While it was definitely in a social, rather than romantic context, the evening was uber-fun, and ended up with CitiBoi getting home well into Saturday morning, after the bar closing forced their retreat. And while it was within a social context, CitiBoi came out with a slight feeling of hopefulness for a future alteration in the nature of their relationship, as well as the knowledge that a night of awesome always beats an evening of tedium.
CitiBoi maintains that nothing of any real interrest actually transpired, since a previous memorandum still hangs over his head regarding BrokenBetty, he did gain additional insights into the workings of her mind which lead him to the conclusion that she is still the first place first prize in his eyes. Bad luck for the other girls it would seem. Also, after reading his mail, I had to send a reply as we need a little more detail and more eventful evenings if this project is going to go anywhere.
Specifically on the topic of BrokenBetty, CitiBoi is wary of revealing too much detail in the blogs, as the current nature of their relationship would not preclude her reading the blog, and might just end up causing a game-over situation. But stay posted. We will find a way.


Anonymous said...

Conclusion of 'Weekend 1" with BrokenBetty...

You know her quite well. - This can help your level of trust should you choose to be with her.

You are good friends. - A relationship with a friendship base is a positive thing but if the relationship does not work... will the friendship survive?

She likes to social. - Observing her actions in this environment will tell you exactly if she is an extrovert, introvert, has a sense of humor. Does she really enjoy herself without a drink, or does she need a drink to relax.

I think she is definitely attractive because she would not be on your list if she wasn't.

I think it is very important for a girl to be self dependent, take responsibility and be successful, make sure to find out if she has this quality.

I also think that you should find a way to test how BrokenBetty's reaction to 'more than friends' affection will be... It might help you allot, because the relationship between friends can totally differ from more than friends.

I think you would definitely have to see BrokenBetty more and tell us more about who she is and her personality without giving anything away. I know you can :)

General Note: I think you should at least have one 'date' with each girl every weekend and keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice, it is definately my intentions to have at least one date every weekend with each of the girls and thereby keep the readers updates. As for BrokenBetty, there is some history there that complicates matters, and it doesn't help that she is recently out of a relationship that hurt her alot more than she will admit. But time is a commodity I have in abundance.