Thursday, November 4, 2010

Introducing Project CitiBoi

Well, after an interesting conversation with a close friend, we have decided to attempt an experiment in social media marketing. A fresh take on a fairly new concept and a reasonably fun way to make a complex decision.
I present to you, Project: CitiBoi. This project will take quite awhile to complete, and some of the contenders won't theoretically know that they are involved for the most part. But in it's essence, here comes a very fun game to play, and you can all take part in it.
I was talking with CitiBoi and we were discussing a very complex issue related to dating. What we both found was that we tend to get into relationships in very similar ways. Essentially, we are enjoying the single life and our awesome bachelorhood, until we find ourselves regularly spending time with three or four specific women, non-exclusively. It is at this point, normally, when we end up dating one of these ladies, and then essentially lose contact with the other ones. Now, the problem is, that we generally find that the ones we "chose", through subconscious decision making and pheromone compatibility, tend to be the wrong ones, as we are both still single after having gone through this scenario several times in our lives. And we figured that there has to be some mechanism for getting group participation on our decision making process and thereby allow for communal wisdom to help us in deciding which of the eligible ladies we should end up with. And this is how the idea came into being. CitiBoi (who will remain anonymous throughout the duration of this experiment/reality show/marketing drive), will continue to spend time with the various females in his dating pool, and might add or remove specific candidates throughout the duration of the project as circumstances change. All the while documenting the progress and experience and allowing your comments to assist him in making his final decision if and when the time comes. While some might see this as perverse, shallow and/or degrading, that is not the spirit in which it is intended. It is merely a publicized account of how romantic relationships seem to form in our lives with the addition of public opinion counting slightly more than in normal cases. It is about having fun, learning about ourselves and giving you, the viewer/participant an entertaining way in which to monitor the developements.
None of the female contenders aware of the events per se. Each only aware that they are involved in CitiBoi's life.
Let me make this clear, CitiBoi will not reveal either his or any of the contenders' true identity at any stage during the experiment, and in no way insinuates that he will do so at the conclusion. Further that, there are some ground rules. I myself am not privy to the ladies' true identities, asCitiBoi seems to believe that I am both incapable of keeping a secret and also unable to resist complicating the experiment by nefarious means (He seems to think that I might make the moves on them myself, though he also maintains that I do not know any of the ladies.) None of the girls are at any stage informed of their participation of the experiment. Also, CitiBoi will not lie to any of the girls in order to make them believe that they are in an exclusive relationship whatsoever. At the end of this experiment, CitiBoi walks off into the sunset with the best possible mate, voted for by you, the viewer/participant.
CitiBoi will also not be using his own blog, but rather will have access to mine under my personal supervision. He will in no way market the experiment, as this might reveal his true identity.
Now, let the games begin. I introduce to you the first four contenders:
She is a very attractive, yet slightly tall young professional who CitiBoi met through work. What attracts CitiBoi to her is her depth of character and the interesting and intelligent way in which she views the world. While she has a dark streak, she is, overall, quite a fluffy kind of person, and has managed to make CitiBoi smile on those dark sad days that we all have sometimes.
Don't let the nickname fool you, Nerdgirl is a very intelligent girl, who also happens to be very attractive and fun to hang out with. CitiBoi met her earlier this year and has been on a date with her. He believes that there could be something there and that it's her intellect and need to learn that most attracts him to her.
Now this girl is a fun loving and always optimistic lady who CitiBoi met quite a few years ago. She is well spoken and while not an intellectual, does manage to make some good points and have original thoughts that interrest CitiBoi. She is the only one of the contenders who actually lives in the same city as CitiBoi and despite the fact that this sounds like the most likely winner, CitiBoimost likely has the least chance with this particular lady.
Now CitiBoi has known BrokenBetty the longest of all the contenders, and despite his having tried to win her over before unsuccessfully, firmly believes that there is a fighting chance that he may win her heart this time around. And since it makes for good reading, I figured that it might be fun to include her, who knows, maybe some advice from the public might just put him on the right path here.

So, that concludes the introductions. Now, please share this concept with everyone that you know, let's get some public participation going.


Anonymous said...


Before you make any decisions I think you should make a list(just a conceptual list) of what you want in life and what you don't.

If you decide to make a list, please post it. It will definitely be referred to all the time.


Anonymous said...

LOLs dudes, this looks like an awesome plan, will check out the fb group and start following events as they unfold...