Thursday, November 4, 2010

And on a lighter note...

Ah, back to the office for some well deserved rest, that's me. So, for those who aren't aware, life took an interesting turn towards chaotic recently, when we kicked off the recently departed weekend by hosting a small LAN at the office, attended by a few friends. Turns out it was quite a fun way to spend a few hours while the womenfolk went to go and ogle Daughtry at the conveniently located down the street Northgate dome.
Little did I know that this was to be the extent of relaxational vibes to be sent my way for a few days.
Turns out, my baby brother, who also went to go see Daughtry on the past Friday evening, managed somehow to get himself infected with Ensephilitis on the eve of my mother's business trip to Switzerland. The result; chaos. To top this off, longtime best friend and confidant, Linkie, managed to put off her moving into a new place until the last minute (no surprise there), necessitating an emergency intervention on my part in order to facilitate said move using my mad car owning skills and answering to my built-in damsel in distress radar.
Now, since things have finally calmed down, I realized that I have not had much sleep in the preceeding five days, almost causing me to oversleep today, and be late for work... Lame... But not the point.
The point is, that in between all the crazy, I somehow managed to miss the biggest news of the week, and no, not that NASA might actually just be launching the Discovery Shuttle mission tomorrow night after all, but rather that our favorite young politico, JUJU, managed to make himself look even stooopider than ever before. It would appear that the young man has somehow decided that he is going to go up against the global super power what are Twitter, and manage to "close them down"... Bwahahaha!!! Now, what made this truly awesome, was the calls from other Twitter users, who came up with the idea of "Today is Create a fake Juju account day", and the results were hilarious. The question here, however, is this. Why did I miss it? So much fun could have been had, but, alas, none for me :(
Anyway, just thought I'd commit this thought to the great internet memory machine, lest it becomes a forgotten part of our awesome political history...
Good times yo....

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