Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And another statement of a semi-political nature...

Good day

It has been awhile since my last post, mostly the reason for this has been my involvement with various organizations relating to the content of my last post, but also due to some really hectic developements in my personal life. But now is the time to speak out once more, and have my voice heard by some at least moderately intelligent people and possibly get some feedback on the thoughts that are bothering me at present.

1.) My car
Recently, having decided that the issue that I am having with my car is not something that I can correct, I proceeded to organize getting my little red MX-5 (Previously known as Rooikappie) towed to my mechanic in Roodepoort. Unfortunately the towing hitch broke at the second stop and my car collided with my boss' car causing substantial damage to the bodywork on my little car and leaving some paint scrapings on my boss' Audi. I proceeded to phone my insurance and they then had it towed on a flatbed to a Mazda approved auto body specialist where I had not only the accident damage repaired, but also the scrapes and bumps that result over time on any car. To top this off, I also had her resprayed to her factory original Red and in the process now had a beautiful car that didn't run... After almost two months of waiting for the car to be finished at the panelbeaters. Now, since she has essentially gone a dramatic renovation with regards to her exterior, it seemed only natural that she shouls receive a new name, and this is how she came to be known as Akane (A japanese word for madder, referring to red). Now, after spending a small fortune on the aesthetic restoration of my prized little beast, I had her towed to my mechanic who has been working on her for the last two weeks now, and will probably have her ready and running in another few days. The cost of this project totals rougthly R16000.00 so far and I am hoping that no further inflations occur, as this is already placing a huge strain on my budget. The next steps include a total change of the interior, including the re-upholstering of the seats and replacing the carpeting along with hundreds of little customizations in order to not only modernize the interior, but to prove that even a 16-year old sports car can still be comfortable.

2.)My sickly parents
Due to various reasons, both my parents and my youngest brother spent time in hospital last week, all for different reasons, but all seems back to normal.

3.)Various drama
Then there is a really long list of other issues that occured in the last month or so, from friends running off and disappearing to 21-year old traditions failing due to lack of interrest. Tragically, there will be no C-kamp this year. Which breaks the hearts of each person who has ever been involved, but a charity organization of the scale we need cannot exist with only three actual members, and as such, we are starting the entire organization from scratch in the hopes of being able to resume the project from next year onwards.

4.)Aeroplanes and computers
Work has been hectic as we are preparing for our second anual Airshow in Middelburg which will be hapenning over the coming weekend, we have been working ceaselessly in order to provide the marketing and backbone support for the event, as well as preparing ourselves for what promises to be the Airshow of the year. Resulting in long hours at work, triple workloads and sleepless nights, all of which will be over by Sunday...

5.)Political activism
Since I am a reasonably politically neutral person, but the fact of the matter is that standing by idly as your country is run aground by self-entitled amateurs solves nothing, so getting activated and running preparedness scenarios with various activistic organizations has become something of a staple in my free time. Split between guest-lecturing at some survivalist events and attending self-improvement seminars along the lines of; "What to do when zombies/ANCYL/US Marines attack" and the like, I have learnt a new appreciation for the concept of group panic and the huge impact that fear has on certain people.

So, in short, I have been busy enough to justify not saying much, and now, I want to say something. It has been 16-years now, democracy is something that takes time to implement, and our truly unique parliament hasn't even begun to see maturity and will not for the next few decades yet, but this is something great that we are attempting, and I honestly believe that if we look past the glaring faults of the current reigning generation, we can see positive growth for our wonderful nation. I know that if people only commit to the ideals of the South African Democratic process, and continue to seek out and abolish poor behaviour and corruptio, we can see this great nation as a benchmark for the rest of the world to follow, allowing for a huge representation on political level of all our various lifestyles and views, our nation truly can be great only if we all add to it, and help it through the birthing process. Remember, that the US democracy is much older than ours, and debatably only achieved maturity more than a hundred years after being formed. Always remember, a democracy never stagnates, never ceases to grow, it is a living, breathing process that is managed by the constituents of this great nation...

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