Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Racial Issues Can Only Affect Us If We Allow It

Hey, so, given recent news regarding Eugene Terreblanche's murder in his farmhouse and the subsequent uproar and so on, I would like to voice my opinion here and on this very topic today.
Yes, In no way can the murder of this icon be seen as a mere statistic, for many of the Afrikaner volk, the racial targetting of our cultural group has become a reality. It has been quite a while in the making and no politician will dissuade us. But the sad fact of the matter is, that given the restraints imposed upon us by law, there is very little we can actually do. We are left unable to defend ourselves, unable to fight and unable to act, as apparently when we do anything we are racist.
The actual issue today lies with an unhappy youth, the product of a biased upbringing. We cannot do anything to fix that. As any anthropologist will tell you, for our democracy to actually achieve a maturity, we will need to bury the grudges of the past, and the pressures of the present. Complete buffoons like ANCYL president Julius Malema don't see this bigger picture, looking, rather, to incite a hatred among the african youth. And when we, the Afrikaner volk lash out at him, he runs to his overprotective role model and saviour, Jacob Zuma. So here is my opinion on the matter. Let him go, launch a public appeal as the President of South Africa and ask your youth, the product of your incapable and incompetent youth league president to calm down. Because at the present rate, and without a formal apology, the Afrikaner volk will revolt. While you believe that we are the minority and do not pose a threat, I beg of you, look at your taxation system. Of the entire budget, who provided the majority of the national income? And who is currently the biggest beneficiarry? Even if your young men with their blatantly racist and homicidal Facebook posts do succeed at murdering the "White Oppressors", who will be the source of income? Who will do the actual day-to-day running of the country? Or do countries like Zimbabwe, Nigeria and a few others not serve as a warning to this aggrevated youth?
Remember the following then, once you take away everything from a man, his freedom, his safety, his country and his family, you leave him with nothing left to do but fight. And while we are a very hard headed populous, we are also a tenacious group. We may have "taken your land" in eras past, but by no means was this easy. We fought for every bit of it. Betrayed by your forefathers, after we helped defend them from their tribal allies. And we defended ourselves when needed, succesfully more times than not, each time in the face of overwhelming odds, something that even the Brittish learnt the hard way. Remember that the only reason we surrendered to them was the fact that our families were held and left to die in concentration camps. And even this did not dissuade the "Bittereinders", men who had already lost their families and farms, who had nothing left but fighting. And remember that guerilla warfare was pioneered and perfected by the "Rockspiders". Remember that in order for us to fight, a direction that your youth seems quite set upon, you need only continue down this path. But know this, I will personally not stand by and watch as the land that my fathers won, built and handed down to me gets destroyed by a hatred for the very people that placed you in the positions of power that you now posess. We might lose in an open fight, but we will fight if that's what you require.
I honestly hope that sanity wins out in this situation, as I in no way wish to lose any more of my friends, hear more horror stories or lose more of my life than I already have. But remember these words. Even a leopard will avoid a confrontation with most humans it encounters, but when cornered or threatened, it will not stop killing until it is either victorious, or dead...
Why the harsh words you ask, well, here is a list of reasons:

This is the response of ANCYL members shortly after the death of an Afrikaner icon...
Now remember this, there can be a peaceful resolution, but in order for that to occur, these incitors, including their hate filled leader should be placed in front of a judge on charges of hate speach and inciting war. Possibly even treason...
Because this is exactly what it is, ultimately, their actions may lead to the total destruction of this once great nation of ours.

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