Friday, January 15, 2010

Beer, Cigarettes and Pirated Content...

I am presently seated at a major LAN event, which is held every month in a town close to my parents place. I try and make it out here every month, but on average I am only here once every three months due to my other responsibilities. But what makes me write about tonights event is a fairly new (and highly welcome) developement.

Girls at LAN's:
When I started attending this LAN event in 2005, it was mostly a bunch of dudes playing games and leeching once a month, it has grown to a sold out event with more than 300 attendees pretty much evenly spread between gamers and leechers. What has also changed is the amount of female participation. What inevitably started as a bunch of dudes bringing their girlfriends along and finding that the only way to entertain them was to get them to download all the latest TV series and movies at the LAN, has grown to a not insubstantial group of girls who feature regularly (And in some cases, as relationships run their course, bringing their new attachments along and introducing them to the group). But what is more significant is the fact that even now, most of the leeching is being done by girls. I am sure that when I sober up sometime tomorrow morning, I will find significance in this little fact... For now, I am forced in my drunken, sleep deprived state, to conclude that piracy in South Africa is mostly perpetuated by the females of the species... Typical Eve ;)

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