Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Second Life

Okay, so Second Life isn't all bad... It does lack some decent controls... But that is to be expected on most internet connections in South Africa... While the concept is sound, I think that more attention should be given to the interface, and the controls should be adjusted to me more natural to thos of us who often game... But other than that, I do enjoy the idea, and after getting used to it, it's fun... A very different way to network at the very least... But since we're covering games today, WHEN IS DIABLO 3 COMING OUT!!! Arghh!!!
Been waiting for ages now, and it appears that I will continue to do so for awhile yet... The closest thing to an actual release date that we have been able to come up with at the moment is that it might be 09-09-09... Can't wait that long...

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