Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So, recently I have been in a situation where I had to make a decision... A tricky one, and I made the "right" choice, which, as it turns out, wasn't the right choice... But for a change I had to do something right... Here is my question; why is it that doing the right thing always, and I mean always, comes back to bite me in the ass... I have had multiple theories about it over the years, but honestly, I think it's simply the fact that no matter how nice a guy you are, at the end of the day, you're the only one... The more you sacrifice of yourself, the more other people benefit, never you... So I'm interrested in your theories, let me know...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Second Life

Okay, so Second Life isn't all bad... It does lack some decent controls... But that is to be expected on most internet connections in South Africa... While the concept is sound, I think that more attention should be given to the interface, and the controls should be adjusted to me more natural to thos of us who often game... But other than that, I do enjoy the idea, and after getting used to it, it's fun... A very different way to network at the very least... But since we're covering games today, WHEN IS DIABLO 3 COMING OUT!!! Arghh!!!
Been waiting for ages now, and it appears that I will continue to do so for awhile yet... The closest thing to an actual release date that we have been able to come up with at the moment is that it might be 09-09-09... Can't wait that long...

Monday, June 8, 2009

I is bach..

Hey all my faithful readers... I am back, and todays topic, social networking... What began with bulletin boards has now come to the point where vast social networks spanning the globe make communication between individuals so much easier, but also, has expanded our reach in our perpetual hunt for new knowledge and new people... I am writing this short note as I download the Second Life installer... In this I am hoping to test the workings of this, the next level of social networking... Stay tuned for updates...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

F&@#!%g Taxis!!!

I apologize for the lengthy wait since my last post, this is not because I have lost interest but rather because I have been so busy (In fact I still am). But something that has happened in the week has created the need in my heart to vent again, so sadly for you, you all get to hear another rant...

Let me begin by expressing my condolences to the family of Bernadine Kruger in their time of sadness this week. It is on this very topic that I am writing today, as I feel that our useless government has once again failed us and this time an innocent, well-loved child had to pay the price. All because our metro police care more about striking and mass action than any measurable amount of job performance. Now let me begin by stating that I do agree that they should be paid more (though they already earn more than the SAPD, but they can't strike, they don't have the right). I agree that corruption should be addressed and yes, the media is the most effective means to accomplish this, but you don't need to toi-toi everytime you don't get your way, sometimes try and follow the propor channels, I understand that you are uneducated and that beurocracy is a "new" concept to you and your "tribal ways" (I state this because you get to use this as an excuse for violence and land reclamation, so why shouldn't I use it to blame you? Or is that racist, as only a white man can be a racist these days?). And I generalize for a reason, it's because the greater percentage of the MetroPolice force are of African descent... Not because I am a racist, in fact, I wish that this country could be fair and free and not limit my career opportunities simply becaue of my skin colour, but that's all besides the point. The point is that becasue the Metro Police are incapable of protecting the public as is their job from poor driving and unroadworthy vehicles (Which in most cases seem to be minibus taxis used for "public transport") and as a direct result, we have taxi's involved in accidents almost every day...

My own father was involved in an accident with a taxi on the fourth of January of this year and spent about two weeks in a coma, he is still in hospital (Rehab) becuase of this accident... And the incompetent metro police officers filled out the accident report that one party was the taxi driver (And bear in mind they witnessed my father being loaded, unconscious, into the ambulance) and the other party was unknown and uninjured... UNINJURED MY MOTHERF&@#!%g ass... The metro police's epic failure at the Kruger incident left the taxi driver to leave the scene. Though it didn't seem hard for the Beeld to find plenty of witnisses to the accident. Why is it then that the metro police couldn't and had to rely on the Beeld's?

It's because of BEE and all that other racially motivated bulls#!7 that the sodding metro police is littered with corruption and useless officers, so the solution? Strike, cause more inlfation, f&@k up the country further, who gives a crap anyway, right?

I apologize, this is to be continued, I am too angry to finnish this post now...

Friday, February 13, 2009

The CareerGeneration

I have always wanted to invent a buzzword, so use this one as often as possible so it may spread like wildfire.
During a social event last night I realized something interresting, and that was that my generation is very career driven. So much so, in fact, that we tend to eschew social events in order to work longer and harder than the rest of the people at the office so that we may distinguish ourselves from our colleagues.
I believe that this is due to the rollmodels that we had on TV, where the wealthy people were always at the office, ignoring their friends and family in favour of getting that last deal through. This illusion, combined with the popular myth that wealth in fact makes us happier, has lead to an entire generation of us being so involved with work that we don't realize that it is in fact our employers who need us. We are so scared of losing our precious jobs that we don't complain about overtime, we go to the office over weekends and generally just accept that working through Christmas is part of our lives.
The direct result of this an entire generation of people who work 14+ hours a day just because we somehow believe that this will help us to get better promotions or larger salaries. The truth is that the companies don't notice this, in fact, it would appear that they don't notice anything at all we do. I knew a guy who was working with me in Sales at a large IT distribution comany a few years back, and while I was working my butt off to make targets (Averaging 70% of total company turnover) he was idling by playing solitaire and making about 3% of company turnover. Now in a sales team of 5 that is saying something. When I finally decided that I'd had enough of them screwing me on my commission and tendered my resignation I came to learn that he was earning more than me (His commission statement was on the MD's desk at the time) and doing absolutely nothing for the company. The sad truth is, that in most cases, being a slacker who knows how to talk smoothly, trumps hard work each time. And us, the "Career Generation" are never going to get ahead until we learn that hard work never pays in a company environment. The only people who get anywhere at all with hard work are the people who have their own businesses. If you work for someone, the harder you work, the better you line their pockets.

I made this observation last night, because... I am awesome!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Zim, take our useless nationals...

Firstly, let me begin by congratulating Trevor Manual (One of our few ministers who actually deserves his post) on another well rounded and almost perfect budget. Now, the rant:
South Africa has 5.3million taxpayers, which on first glance looks to be a reasonable amount, but why then, do we have 13million people on social welfare? That meanse that I, as an honest, hard working taxpayer have to fork over the living allowance for almost 2.5 people every month, which is to say that I am responsible for feeding 3.5mouths (including myself), how is this fair? Why should other people's inability to find employment affect me? I work my butt off (often working 12 hours a day) and sometimes working weekends just so that I can earn some overtime and/commision to help with all my financial responsibilities (yes, I have my own private anuity, disability and medical insurances) as well as having to have a car (due to a lacking public transportation system) and I have to pay out my ear for broadband (that at the best of times works only sporadically) in order to just be able to continue working (so as to pay for abovementioned "luxuries"). God help me if I wish to relax, since sin-taxes are almost making it impossible to afford drinking these days and my schedule at work doesn't really allow for most other passtimes. I am sick of having to pay for RDP houses (Which never get built), transport infrastructure upgrades (Which currently only mean that I have to drive through 40km of roadworks everyday, slowing traffic down more than ever) and feeding people who believe that the government is responsible for their 300 illegitimate children.
My father recently spent a few weeks in ICU at a prestigious private hospital (funded by his personal medical aid, not state subsidies) where the standard of the nursing staff (As I am told is the case in most hospitals these days) was so low that we had to personally see to it that the gaping wound in my fathers throat got cleaned (while we were spending a fortune on doctors trying to find out why my dad had an infection). It saddens me that the people who are actually paying taxes are the ones who don't make use of the "facilities" our taxes pay for.
Well, we get the police you say, I have to pay a hectic insurance premium every month because of all the claims I've had to put in due to theft and/or lacking road safety (Both police and The Transport Ministry are to blame here) because a. The police aren't in fact protecting us and b. The roads that our taxes are supposed to go for are in such an appalling state. My father's accident (Where a minibus taxi knocked him off his bicycle) was a result of poor road surface (and as it happens, I totalled my previous car on the same traffic circle due to the same poor road surface causing a burst tire at 40km/h round a circle, as per the speed limit) is costing us more than a million rand in hospital fees thusfar (thankfully mostly covered by his very good medical aid, which costs him an arm and a leg each month anyway), yet we cannot claim that back from the road accident fund (another tax service that doesn't do what it's supposed to) becuase we cannot prove that my father lost more than 30% of his abilities (This while he was in a coma and in fact, had no abilities whatsoever). My question is merely this, why don't we, the taxpayers, get any benefits from all the tax that is collected from us each year, while illiterate, undecutad, previously disadvantaged people (Who through BEE are entitled to better paying jobs than me) get to draw all of the benefits?

In short, the answer is this, our country is experiencing a "brain-drain", where the few experienced and qualified individuals that do reside here, are leaving because quite honestly, even living in one of the poorest nations in the world (The USA), has more benefit than this once great country... Because our government has failed us, time and again, and it's about time we gave another party a chance.

Another point of contention on this topic is VAT, why, if there is supposedly no VAT raised on such things as milk and bread etc., do you still have to pay the 14% at the till? Do I really have to collect all my till slips at the end of the year and claim back the VAT on 365 odd transactions just to prove that I bought these things? Can't we put a simple system in place so that the VAT isn't levied at the end point? That would not only save alot of hard work (Both on the side of the taxpayers and SARS) but will also remove a redundant loop in the economy. And shouldn't I be able to deduct my entire insurance premium and any subsequent additional charges levied by third parties (excess) from my tax, since the only reason I am paying these amounts is becaue of a failure in my government in providing me with adequate protection of my assets and transportation infrastructure? Furhter that, due to firearm laws being so strictly enforced these days, I am unable to protect myself from potentially violent intruders in my own home, resulting in probably my own death due to poor policing service. And no, I am not blaming the police, there are men and women there that do a great deal more than should fairly be expected from them. It is once again the failure of government to provide what they should, rahter than attempting to help the "poor". I have no issue assisting those that need it, but in all honesty, all the people just holding their hand out for free handouts should be sent to live in a country where that is all they do (Nl. Zimbabwe), they can send their expats who are willing to work, and they can have our useless nationals....

My opinions, as always, my own, because, I am awesome...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Screamer Sucks

Welcome to my blog, and yes, this is rather unfortunate that I have to make my first post in such a negative fashion. Hopefully at least this will draw attention to the fact that the service from certain companies sucks.
Firstly, a little history, for those of you who do not know who Screamer is, they are a wireless broadband internet and telecommunications provider currently based in Pretoria.
My current issue is that I had to move one of our managers CPE (Panel used to connect to their network) to point at a new location. Just as I set it up and got it running, there was a lightning storm and one of the repeater towers in the line apparantly went down. I can ping the tower I connect to and get good timing, as well as access to the nearest DNS Server. But still have no internet (Two days later). Attempting to contact them has remained utterly fruitless. They have a message that keeps telling me that their office hours are 8am till 10pm blah blah (For the record, I was trying from 20h30 till 22h15), and then it cuts off. They also provide alternative telephone numbers that don't work at all...
I am so fed up with so called "hassle-free" broadband providers and their willingness to take your money and then fail in providing on their promises, as if Telkom wasn't a bad enough experience...

This leads me to my next point, that since their failure is of such epic proportions, I am going to do some research and see if I cannot better them in the field they are currently in, simply because, I'm awesome...